How to Sell Your House Fast

If you’ve ever needed to sell a home fast, you know it’s frustrating and stressful. Each day, you pray for the stress to end when the ideal buyer makes the right offer.

Happily, you can speed up the sale of your home, without giving up profits. Let’s discuss at least 10 tips to speed up the sale of your house fast—regardless of the real estate market or financial environment.

Tip #1:  Spruce Up Your House to Sell It Fast

Your house’s first impress is important. Put yourself in the potential buyer’s shoes as he or she sees your house for the first time:

  1. Look at your home from the street view. Does it look clean and well-kept or is maintenance needed?
  2. When you make the decision to sell your home, landscaping and lawn appearance are crucial. Mow the lawn often. Clean the exterior porches, driveway, and exterior facing walls. Hire a pressure washer to make your exterior sparkling clean.

Cleaning up the exterior of your home naturally invites buyers to tour the inside. Buyers want curb appeal. Spruce up your home to distinguish it from the field of competitors. Know that most prospective buyers want a house in move-in condition. Unless you’re offering the house for quick sale at a discount, invest in your home’s first impression.

Tip #2: Let Your Floors Shine

If you use scatter carpets and rugs, pull them up to show beautiful tile or hardwood floors. Bare is beautiful and makes the rooms appear larger.

Consider the condition of installed carpeting. If an older carpet covers hardwood floors, rip it up and restore your floors. Otherwise, make sure your carpets are freshly steam cleaned before showing your home to the market.

Tip #3: Declutter Your Home

Avoid the urge to throw clutter into closets. Prospect buyers will look in the closets and, if they’re full to the brim or disorganized, the buyer might think the home doesn’t have enough closet space.

Rent a storage space instead while your home is for sale. Put anything you don’t use every day in storage. Consider storing personal family photos and art in a climate-controlled unit. Give potential buyers a clean slate to let them imagine décor and art.

Tip #4: Stage and Photograph Your Home

A home stager’s expertise is valuable. He or she can see your house from the prospective owner’s point-of-view.

Your listing photos are often the buyer’s first impression of your house. Even the most beautiful homes can benefit from staging and professional photography. If the budget allows, do both.

Tip #5: Choose a Great Real Estate Agent

Don’t make the mistake of hiring a real estate agent after a short conversation. Look for feedback and reviews about the agent’s experience. You need an agent who knows how to sell your house fast. Hire an agent who uses multiple formats to sell your house, including social media.

Tip #6: Self-Promotion Will Help You Sell Your House Fast

Your agent has other clients, so it’s important to get out there and promote your home, too. Use your social networks and send the listing to friends and family. Ask the agent to send postcards to neighbors or contact the homeowner’s association to send neighbors a link to your listing.

Tip #7: Make Multiple Small Upgrades

Most sellers don’t want to undertake a major remodeling job because you might not get your money back. Consider small upgrades, such as the bathroom or kitchen. Add a new sink, light fixtures, or cabinet hardware. Fresh bathroom towels or a new shower curtain are inexpensive upgrades that have the potential to attract the buyer’s eye. For instance, don’t splurge on a full kitchen remodeling. Instead, spend a few thousand dollars on new stainless appliances for high impact.

Tip #8: Lighten and Brighten Your House

Avoid a dark or depressing interior. Use natural light and light fixtures to brighten the rooms. Open curtains or blinds to let the light in and, before a showing, turn the lights on.

Paint the walls to brighten them, but keep it neutral. Freshly painted walls in a soft neutral gray shade makes rooms appear bigger.

Pay for a deep cleaning service to brighten windows, fixtures, and baseboards. A clean home is a happy home.

Clean smells best and natural homey smells, such as freshly baked bread or apple pie, are lovely. Don’t use artificial scents.

Tip #9: Sell Your House in Spring and Summer

The warmer months are the best time to sell your house fast. If it’s winter, wait for spring flowers when possible. Although spring and summer shoppers typically have more inventory to choose from, fewer homes sell in the winter months.

Tip 10: Use Redfin, Zillow, Craigslist <i>and</i> the MLS-Multiple Listing Service

Rising rent prices and cheap mortgage rates continue to push renters to homeownership. It may be an excellent time to sell your home fast.

Most homeowners are familiar with the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) used by realtors. MLS combines services that realtors and brokers use to create contractual offers and to accumulate or disseminate information that’s needed for appraisals. Real estate professionals want to share information about their listed properties. Other brokers may have potential buyers or wish to act with sellers’ brokers in identifying a buyer for the home, asset, or property.

  • Redfin offers MLS listings online. It combines the web-based database with brokerage services. The site charges a reduced listing fee for sellers and pays its agents a salary instead of commission-based compensation. The firm ties agent bonuses to client satisfaction. Each agent’s transactions and reviews are listed under the Redfin agent’s profile.

Homebuyers receive a partial commission refund from the site. Buyers in Tennessee, Missouri, and Oregon aren’t eligible under their states’ laws.

  • Post your MLS listing to Craigslist. Start with your area’s Craigslist:
  1. Select “Post to Classifieds.”
  2. Choose “Housing Offered.”
  3. Note the type of property you’re listing, such as “Real Estate by Broker.”
  4. Select the closest community.
  5. You’ll be prompted to the list details page. Enter your details to sell your house fast. Next, add photos of your home. (More photos are better than less.)
  6. Craigslist will email to confirm your post. Click to confirm your email.

Before you post, choose a title to engage prospective homebuyers. Include the property type keywords in the title, such as “town home” or “apartment” and the words “for sale” plus the location of the home in the title. Quality images are essential. If your home includes recent renovations, hardwood floors, or gorgeous landscaping, include these details in the listing.

  • Zillow offers listing options for brokers. If you’re a real estate agent, ask your broker to arrange direct feed to Zillow for listings. He or she should opt-in to have listings included in Zillow Group.

Now you know how to sell your house fast. Solicit more advice from your real estate professional’s advice to increase your chances of selling a home quickly.


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